Protective Coatings

The application of highly durable protective coatings on metal products for exterior use is another of our capabilities.

The process typically comprises abrasive blasting to clean the metal surface of rust and contaminants then the application of two pack epoxy primers and polyurethane topcoats.

We also specialise in APAS compliant painting for military applications, we recently completed a contract to paint 40 armoured cabins for the crane operator on Unimog Crane Trucks used in Afghanistan. We continue to paint components for the Bushmaster Armoured Personal Carrier.

Protective Coating

Holden CrossXtrac display

MELBOURNE MOTOR SHOW – Hilustre painted the silver structural beams and X feature.

Bushmaster APC
Bushmaster APC

Hilustre paints exterior storage lockers and other components in APAS compliant military paint systems.

505 St Kilda Road
505 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

As big as a small car this 3D aluminium street number makes a big impression and is finished in automotive silver and gloss clear two pack.

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