Hilustre Coatings custom designed Australia’s first robotic painting plant custom designed to paint joinery components.

Fast, efficient and precise the system is purpose designed to paint with unrivalled quality and consistency. Over three years in development, this is a ground breaking process utilizing the latest in robotics and automatic spray gun technology.

The spraying program is the heart of the system and provides total flexibility of all paint control parameters;

  • Paint fluid volumes.
  • Air pressures for atomization and shape of spray fan.
  • Separate settings for spraying of component faces and edges.
  • Gun target distance and velocity.
  • Multiple coats and tack-off times.
  • The robot can rotate the gun upside down to spray the underside of components.
  • The selected variables can be stored as separate ‘spray patterns’ making replication of the process simple and free from operator error.

The benefit for our customers is a reliable, fast, quality spray painting result every time.

Winner of the Highly Commended Award at the Pace Innovation Awards for the Automotive and Manufacturing Sector 2010.

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